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April 2018
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 A Little shrines in n º 30/10 (Italy) Pale as the moon, sweet like a donut

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PostSubject: A Little shrines in n º 30/10 (Italy) Pale as the moon, sweet like a donut   Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:53 pm

Ambiguous, symbiont, idolized: "We" met the twins Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel leaders.
discover that the same witch dream.
"If our work is not real, we
could quit, but we are Tokio Hotel on stage, day and night in our
The words of Bill Kaulitz, he elf
German Gothic and leader of the band, with sounds tiny but compelling.
They are convincing enough
to enmesh adolescents: a generation of girls who are at your feet, but a
good number of women between 20, 30 and 40 years would give anything to
breathe "the air itself of them."

Part of the crowd squirms and
screams in Catania today twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (singer and
guitarist of the four group members) are invited in the final episode of
TRL on the Road, the program aimed at adolescents in MTV (which will be
released on September 13 in Milan).
they, the "sick by Tokio Hotel" are here.
With bikini or shins with a
notice of 17 hours to see their idols (not sing, but said "Hello
Catania" and then gave 300 autographs).
places standing near the stage, adolescents were about to faint from
the heat and emotion.
They showed their
Humanoid City Live DVD, filmed during a concert of Tokio Hotel in Milan
until this morning, many girls camped out in front of anxiousness all
night to get it.
Girls aggressive, like a fan of
In fact,
this is the way the twins look like: aliens unattainable.

in the interview room, Bill Kaulitz is a boy only 20 years old.

His smile is tight, his
long fingers with their nails black enamel move to say hello.
But his style
is impeccable, what is needed to promote a product (3 and a half million
albums sold), to win the applause of the producers, and move on.
In sum, all
fans can see and confirm the "three milestones" of Tokio Hotel, and feel
free to dream.
a symbiotic relationship between the twins Bill and Tom.
They can not live without each other
and assume the twincest: that is, they are lovers.
always thinks they are apparently dating.

"We feel the same, as if we lived in the same body, says Tom.
Who calls himself seductive man, determined to street
hairstyles like braids, drilling and rapper pants. "Like the time in
Berlin, when you called me on the phone saying to be careful," says Bill
"and then I had an accident .
Day and night. "We have the
same recurring nightmare."
"An ugly and evil witch that kills our parents," they say
Fresh interior and exterior
beauty, like a donut. "I will not tell the fans: You, you, and you
to my room.

My brother Tom in change itself. Sometimes I envy "Second
fact: Bill, perhaps it is heterosexual.
"The fans still wonder if I am gay or not and I get bored," he
Throw your
head back, to think and return to the topic with a blink of her dark
eyes shaded magnetic and face pale as the moon infinite: "Since I was a
kid I liked my makeup and David Bowie, but does not mean I like men too.
Third fact: Bill is romantic,
Tom is a playboy.
I feel jealous of their behavior with the girls," explains Bill.
"But the time I have to live on this earth is very little, to
risk passing it to someone that is not correct."
So the teen pop-rock alien
practice "abstinence since I was 14 years."
"I take chances," he says. For all those who can recognize
their Prince Charming in both (but asking it appears that the "bastard"
is most successful and good guy, as always).
Bill says: "I can not get fans and
say: You, you and you to my room."
The same shows the use of Viagra overdose in May 2010, during a
tour in Asia.
"It was terrible,
everything was blurred before me was not very fun," he told the German
tabloid Bild, the next day, "We started with Tokio Hotel, when he was
15: too early to make no mistakes," suggested his brother twin.
For example? "Drinking plenty of
We are growing, perhaps we should
start worrying about the "effect of our actions on the girls." This,
however, they also grew early and in many, the love of Tokio Hotel at
the beginning with his rock "emo", hasn't been taken back - Truzza said -
"in their latest album Humanoid" their texts are less effective, "said
Serena, 34" I came out of postpartum depression, thanks to Tokio Hotel.
"Replication of the twins is most obvious: "We have evolved.

is better to speak of our music instead of our private lives, "says
Tom, but even he seems to believe it.
"Sometimes I like to do something crazy,
with no means fixed on me," Bill adds.
If you are a Kaulitz, it is
impossible to go out with friends, or without bodyguards.

"The fans recognize me when I try to hide
too, with glasses and a cap.
recognize the tip of my nose, I think. "
hard to love as he wants," says Tom.
almost everyone feels sorry for talking about love.
"But love is everywhere, just open your eyes." Bill shrugs. "Whenever I have my laptop with me to find inspiration." The two boys take their last glass of energy drink.
Transgressive as an energy drink, with the exception of David
And maybe for those who are parents

I am your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me

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A Little shrines in n º 30/10 (Italy) Pale as the moon, sweet like a donut
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