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April 2018
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 Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)

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PostSubject: Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:33 pm

What do you think of your fans in
Is there anything that identifies them?

Bill: I think there's one thing they have ... I think they
have much energy, you know, this time, so I think that's the big
difference and why are so energetic because look at the weather for us
was ... a little more difficult because I was like oh my God! I love to go
nude on stage because it is like ...
Tom: We were all wet. Completely wet.
Bill: Yes, it was
like getting into a shower or something.

What is your best
memory of your last visit Singapore here for the Audi Fashion Festival?

Bill: I think
this time was better because the last time was smaller, an acoustic show
and we wanted to do a whole show of our things, our electric
instruments and stuff. All
of a Tokio Hotel show. And it was great we did it. For the first time we had a crowd and I
love to watch them for the first time, you can see their emotions in
their eyes because they only know us see us on TV, online and I love it
when fans can finally see us for the first time and you also see first. It is always a magic moment. And they were fantastic.

What else can
we expect from you? You will return to play in Singapore?

Bill: Yes, we want to play a full tour of Asia, is like a dream. And we want to go to
Japan, we want to see Tokyo .. of course we want to continue making
music, being in the studio .. nothing planned for now, any new release . but definitely
will do music all the time. And yes, we want
to see more countries ... and ... I want to do something with fashion,
still talking about it is total: there are no plans but, something to do
with fashion. So we have
many things.
Tom: We have many things on his mind but
we can not talk about it.

With all the awards that you have, what is that to whom you
have more honey? Does
anyone in particular?

Bill: It's always those in which
fans can vote, you have a prize of a fan, that people were there at home
voting for you and that always makes you feel great. I think every prize is a treasure and we are, and ... but I think the
VMA ..
TTom: VMA, MTV VMA had great magical moments ...

Bill: Yes, the
VMA of America ... was totally unexpected. We were blown away. Very cool.

they marginalized the other two members of the group, Gustav and Georg?

Georg: No. Absolutely not.

Bill: Look, George is the only one who has a girlfriend, you may feel
very lucky.
Tom: Yes.
Bill: Tom and I are single, so ..

Do you have any arguments by ego?

Bill: Sure, we have some fights or different opinions
and argue a lot. We do this all
day. But I think it's great! Because when you only think
yourself alone in its problems and I can share everything with Tom. I do not think, right I
tell Tom.
Tom: We're like four eyes and that's good for
some decisions.
Bill: We have not done it alone or be
alone in a band .. we
have always done everything together.

Was it
hard to work with the twins?

Georg: For us it's hard because when they
have the same opinion ... you've no chance.

Who's the biggest?

Georg: Obviously, Tom is the boss.

Tom: I am the leader of the gang.

TH members have different
styles, so what distinguishes the band itself?

Bill: That is most important to us, that
everyone can take s own style and I do not want to tell George "take
this or that" I think it's just great when Georg and Gustav is simply
likes to dress as a shit, sometimes I look at it and say "Gustav, what
are you wearing? For nothing!
"But that's okay! Gustav's simply, if something else
would be stupid to take, it would be him. I think is best, be true to yourself and what you wear. I can not describe how my
style .. I have what I wear.

Do you make
your costumes yourself or someone else?

Bill: I usually do for myself, for the previous
tour and other concerts. I like to draw the evidence and all that .. Seems stupid but simply to take the idea of what I wear.
I have people working with me to make that possible but for this tour
work with Dan and Dean of DSquared and they made the costumes. Just picked up some pieces
and I put them.
But it was too hot to carry all that.

Do you take the clothes you wear on tour forever?

Bill: I'll take it. I have like 20 suitcases.
Tom: Yes, the last tour we were three months on the
road and we had ... like 60 suitcases.
Bill: We are taking everything from
home. Even stupid things like a
photo or ...
Tom: It's like
the tour bus is like your house, you have to carry bags as well, with
things from home.

And you carry all your makeup with you?

Bill: No, they do not. But I have too many clothes. As 20 suitcases full.

the subject of Bill's car accident, the "incident" with Viagra, Tom and
Gustav aggression .. How would you take them?

Bill: We just do not read.
TYou have to protect yourself from
these things, you're not going to put on the Internet and Google your
name or something.
TTom: Most are shit about you. All, 90% is crap about you in
the media, print and Internet.
Bill: The
press made it up when it's time we do not give interviews because they
sell many magazines and stuff. They just
create something. At the
beginning of our race if we read these things and you recognize it, say
"Mother, what's going on there?" And you go crazy when you read these
things but you have to protect yourself and not get into Internet and
read stories about you . CI think
that's the best way.

How do you communicate with your fans? Do you have Facebook or

Tom: We have the official
Twitter Tokio Hotel but it is just for news. Not used to say "I'm shitting" and everyone knows it. We just
make music, we meet our fans and stuff like that but we are not in that
wave of Twitter.
Well, I can understand that normal people use Facebook and Twitter to
share things with friends and keep in touch with them and in different
cities but I can not understand why so many famous people use the
Twitter because I think there is enough media for and enough
photographers out there .. so I keep my privacy for myself and do not want to share with the rest
of the world. And I can not
understand ...

How about sharing it with fans?

Tom: If you share it with the fans already are sharing to
the world. EInternet, the
same thing.
Bill: We share many things with the
fans, we THTV, so we have as our own camera with us traveling all the
time, filmed at our tour bus, backstage and stuff. We do things like that. But I do not understand
this whole Twitter.
We are not big fans of Twitter.
Bill: I have to say I am rather old school with it. For
example, if you have a girlfriend .. I like to write letters.. I think that's fine.

"The twins will also share the same girl?"

Tom: I think it's a benefit to work together as brothers, is completely
normal for us to be together for 20 years. Yes, it's completely normal to us, we
always had the same friends, same problems, life itself, lived in the
same home, have the same band ..
Bill: And once the same girlfriend.
Our first kiss was with the
same girl. Yes, we share

The most romantic thing you have
done for a girlfriend?

Tom: But we have no girlfriend ...

Bill: Georg,
you have a girlfriend now, so ..
Georg: I do not know, I do romantic
things every day ... buy flowers, go to restaurants with her ...

What else?

Tom: I think it depends on the
girl, I can not say in general if I am a romantic ... well, I'm not a
romantic guy, it's hard for me but you can not say in general. Depends on the girl,
for a specific girl.
Bill: Yes, I
think. Now, is that if you
do not like writing letters for ...

birthday is just around the corner. What do you want?

Bill: I like
the Ferrari, I like diamonds ... Just kidding. I think our
desire is for that time with our family and friends, our dogs .. very private .. have a good time with family because we are always traveling .. but we thought about doing something in Las Vegas,
America, for worthwhile turned 21 because there are finally free and you
can ... yes.

Any birthday party memorable?

Bill: Yes, Tom
and I have had big birthday parties, the last time we rented an
amusement park in Germany. Because it is
impossible for us to go to those with public sites, so we said is worth
.. is like a childhood dream, to have an amusement park just for you.
And we did, it was fun.

memorable birthday feast for Georg and Gustav?

Georg: I do not do birthday
parties. I only go to parties. But I like parties Bill and
Gustav: The last
time we celebrate something we were touring, we are always traveling ..
so do "parties"
with these three here. Well ...

The question here couldn't be translated..

No, I never heard of them ... Tom: But "Tokio Hotel" is a
better name. Best Music,
Best Music.
We've never been to Tokyo. In evrdad, we want to go there but I have no idea
when.But cool stuff.

How do you imagine Tokyo will be?

Bill: I will not think, because I think it's best to
go there and have a big surprise, as happened with Singapore, we had no
idea what to expect when we got to the airport we were blown away.
It is a beautiful city, there are many things in fashion, lots of music
.. so we'll see.

I am your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me

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PostSubject: Re: Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)   Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:26 am




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PostSubject: Re: Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:27 am


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PostSubject: Re: Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)   Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)   

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Razor TV: Interview with Tokio Hotel (Written Version)
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