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June 2018
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 Teenage Magazine N º 10/10 - Sinagpur

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PostSubject: Teenage Magazine N º 10/10 - Sinagpur   Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:49 pm

Singapore fans were more than lucky as TOKIO HOTEL acted in our sunny island for the second time this year.

The boys of the German band Tokio Hotel may appear cool and collected on stage and in music videos, but how are the boys when they do not really act?After the performance in Singapore SINGfest, Young managed to steal some face to face with the band to get to know them better. The talkers identical twins, Bill and Tom Kaulitz and his band mates, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer were very enthusiastic when talking about his second performance here (which was more explosive than the small showcase they did before)!
"The crowd was amazing and the show was good. It was fantastic! "Says vocalist Bill. His brother adds, "was really different because we played our last tour in the winter and we froze from the cold. It was easy to play two hours in the cold, but here, we could only play an hour in the heat! "
Unfortunately, due to a tight schedule, the boys were unable to watch another performance before and after theirs, they were Wonder Girls and Katy Perry respectively.
"Most of the time when you play with other artists on the same stage, each one has its own agenda. You're just before the show and not much time to look at further action, "explains Bill, to which Tom joked," There was a better performance that night? No!” No! "
Now that the boys have released two studio albums and have made English their dream come true in Asia, what's next on your agenda? "Not even planning another record," says Bill. "But we are always in the studio making music, getting ideas and then we have some new material. At this point, we are still on the road with our current album, Humanoid. We want to visit more countries in Asia and we would have to play more shows here. "
Tokio Hotel: The Secret Files
We broke the walls and get Tokio Hotel to confess some of their secrets!
SSecret # 1: You have nicknames for one another?
TTom: We have a couple of new nicknames for Georg.
We call him "Schpecky", which means fat guy. Sometimes also called "Chicken George" because his middle name is Huhn, and that means chicken in German.
Bill: This is truly unique.
Y I myself did not even know!
Secret # 2: Who are the funniest members of the group and more mature?
Georg: I'm both!

TTom: Yes, George is both.
He is not particularly intelligent, but based on age, he is the older and more mature. Unfortunately, he's not intentionally funny. He's just stupid.
Secret # 3: What celebrity do you like?
Tom: I have no one really!
(Bill makes a face of disbelief)
Bill: He is very much in love with Jessica Alba!
His room is full of posters of her. It is everywhere.
Tom: This is not true.
It is not a celebrity that I like because if you ask me, she likes to tell you who is Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel.
Bill: She is married with a child! Still likes Tom Kaulitz.
I mean, she has a husband and all that but it is important to her.
Bill: You know, I never had a celebrity that I like.
I think there are many famous beautiful but I think that I am not really crazy about any of them.Actually I have to know their personalities first.
Secret # 4: This question is for Bill and Tom. You have ever woken up one morning and I pour as you have asked your brother?
Tom: Never.
We were the same during the first six years of our lives. But after that, we develop in completely different directions. we never change our ways.
Bill: The good thing is that we know what we would look if we get dressed on one or the other.

Tom: Yes, and I have only to look at Bill to see what I views with short hair.

Bill: And I can look at Tom and I do not want to be like (shudders). I mean, when we were really young we would change sometimes.

Tom: We both had short hair, and we had these shirts with our names on them so that our teachers can differentiate.
Sometimes we changed our clothes when we were testing so Bill, which was better in German I could complete the tests for me.
Secret # 5: What are you doing when you do not you perform?
Tom: We do not have much free time, but when we have days off, we like to sleep long hours.
If I did not have an alarm clock to wake me up, I could sleep for 24 hours.
Georg: Maybe even for the rest of your life!

Tom: sleep, eat and watch good DVDs.
If you meet all of our DVDs, we would have thousands of them! We are collectors of DVDs!

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Teenage Magazine N º 10/10 - Sinagpur
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