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April 2018
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 Tokio Hotel - Between art and culture

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PostSubject: Tokio Hotel - Between art and culture   Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:49 pm

They are the most famous German 20 years, going crazy and thrilling the world with their latest album Humanoid (followed by tour of science fiction "Humanoid City" that took place in 32 European cities and is now ready to reach overseas as well; there, where none of his countrymen have never dared), and been crowned with success recently an amazing performance in the MTV World Stage in Malaysia on July 31 in Kuala Lumpur.

The German band sold out, record gold records and awards never fail since 2005.
But you know, the prejudices are hard to die. Throughout the world, not least in his homeland that saw them get the win, fed with a national reputation that allowed them to be stars, not bitter criticisms fail people nicknamed them "boyband built only to give pleasure to the hot young "people who can not look simply and incorrectly judging style, ignoring all the improvements, growth and sacrifices that led to four young guys to become international stars.
Apparently this is an inconvenience cruel. But not so cruel if you think somewhere else, always at home, there is still someone who can see, instead of seeing; able to hear, instead of it just listen.
So the single mother here becomes a source for culture and artistic inspiration.

Last year, the 60th anniversary of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German magazine Stern has created a kind of multimedia journey over time, inserting Tokio Hotel between historical events, the cultural and artistic largest in the nation. Really important in educating children as well.
Tubing in the Kinder-Uni (Kinder-Uni = University for children, is an interesting initiative conducted by some universities in Germany. From time to time they leave some children from 8-14 years to have access in college, where a teacher chooses a case and explain this in a simple, accompanying a talk) do not omit a lesson of the popularity of Tokio Hotel, supported by Udo Dahmen, art director and professor in the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim and famous battery music called safe, and that he acted with such artists as Sting.
However, when art is combined with the art shows that are sensational.
They dream artists par excellence, become the protagonists of many arts on canvas.
As Georg Weise, the painter and sculptor known in Berlin who leaves us to admire since 2006 two paintings by the young Bill and Tom Kaulitz from "Urban Boys" in the Gallery of Sophie Edition.
However, going forward in the years, "successors" of Weise decided to use only one of the twins: the Kunsthaus in Meerane (Germany), next to a stunning portrait of Pope Giovanni Paolo II, you'll find painted Tom Kaulitz by Axel Wunsch of Chemnitz.
In addition, Berliner was the leader Ulla Enghusen Bill as the lead in a canvas in a riot of shapes, lines and colors you can see horrible on its website http://www.ullaenghusen.de/seiteportraits.htm
"It'll be my inspiration?" Dolores O'Riordan sang.
To be called art and the answer is Tokio Hotel: for who is able to see it, just like us.

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Tokio Hotel - Between art and culture
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