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April 2018
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 Tokio Hotel News: Pop Academy lecturer used TH as a model for band development

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PostSubject: Tokio Hotel News: Pop Academy lecturer used TH as a model for band development   Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:32 pm

The almost meteoric rise of Tokio Hotel hasn’t gone unnoticed. From the slew of awards (NRJ's, VIVA, Rockbjörnen) Tokio Hotel has received to the legions of Tokio Hotel fans flooding the Swift Fan Award website with contest entries, the German band is definitely doing something right. According to the MainPost.de in a report earlier this week, it’s not just the people who give Tokio Hotel awards nor the band's fans that support this idea—academia has weighed in on this issue as well. In an article written about the Kinderuni Heilbronn, Matthias Krebs, the Public Relations Officer for Mannheim’s Pop Academy cited the German band as an example of the synergy a band needs to take it to the top in a guest lecture Krebs did at the Kinderuni.Krebs asked the question, “Why is Tokio Hotel so popular?” According to the MainPost.de he went on to cite the band from Magdeburg's fan culture as well as to talk about what the management and marketing of a band like Tokio Hotel can look like.The Pop Academy is a four-year music college started in part by German R & B singer, Xavier Naidoo, who like Tokio Hotel was honored at this year’s Radio Regenbogen Awards as well as by Universal Germany's CEO Tim Renner.The Kinderuni Heilbronn is a project of the AIM Academy in cooperation with the media corporation Heilbronner Stimme and the Hochschule Heilbronn.

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Tokio Hotel News: Pop Academy lecturer used TH as a model for band development
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