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November 2019
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PostSubject: TÚ Nº1.2011 (CHILE) ENGLISH TRANSLATION   TÚ Nº1.2011 (CHILE) ENGLISH TRANSLATION EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 6:52 pm

TÚ Nº1.2011 (CHILE) ENGLISH TRANSLATION A97569c6555a.thTÚ Nº1.2011 (CHILE) ENGLISH TRANSLATION Fd50badd8995.th

They spent four days in the country, and that was enough to reveal their talent and all their sympathy. Here is our last conversation with Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg.
They say they were appalled at their arrival. Also they say they don’t want fans to approach them very much. The truth is that what happened at the airport – so fondly of Chile – itself took them unawares, and while scary, were happy because they never thought that in a country so far from Germany, they could have fans that enthusiasts. But they understood it, because they know it is a different culture.
Now, that they “do not want fans to approach them very much “, I must say is completely true, and it was not an easy thing that their fans get to them – I lived it closely with several of you whom I found out the hotel.
And so was the guard that had Tokio Hotel, even all the lucky ones who won the Meet & Greet were super warned. As off the record, I tell that their management instructions were very clear: “the first tear, hint of hysteria, or the first of the girls to touch any of the four guys, the meeting will be canceled.” We know that it wasn’t fault of the guys, because they are really nice, but that the rules were very strict, that’s for sure.
At the concert, we could see the happiness of the fans to see them so close. With perfect sound, these Germans showed why they are one of the most cutting edge shows of the summer, and why there were so many expectations for their presentation. Unforgettable Bill outfit, his motorcycle, the piano on fire of Tom, Gustav’s virtuosity and charisma of Georg, was a concert full of excitement, screaming, fainting and flares, without exaggeration, were ideal for eating marshmallows.
With all the euphoria and a desire to see them live, and as official magazine had exclusive access to be alone with Tom, Bill, Gustav and Georg, and although all that was said, they are four charming and gorgeous guys . Girls, I leave our last contact with Tokio Hotel in Chile.

Tú – How did you feel when you arrived to Chile ?

Bill - At first everything was very nice, especially at the airport (laughter of four). We were very flattered, happy and excited with what we would live in Chile.

Tú – When we talked like one month and a half ago, you told me that you will let you surprise. Does Chile get it ?

B – The bad thing is that we couldn’t go out of the hotel, so we spent the time looking by the window. What we saw seems so beautiful, but we couldn’t go out to anywhere. Only Gustav went to a small market to buy somethings and he spent so great time there, but he doesn’t remember the name (it was “Pueblito de los Dominicos”

Georg – Oh, but there is something that won’t let us forget Chile. Isn’t true Bill ?

Gustav, Tom, Bill - Yes, yes yes ! (laughter)

Bill – Oh my God ! I have never feel that trembling, ¡ and it happened three in two days ! (laughter). We felt two hard trembling and we woke up.

Tú – … but it wasn’t that hard.

Bill - How not ? We got scared so much !

Tom (laughter) – the truth is that yes we got scared much.

Bill (keep laughing) - I thought I had to got dressed and they were going to evacuate the hotel.

Tú – So we gave us your first experience of tremblings. Poor them !

Tom – We have never felt one before. It was.. our first time. (laughter)

Tú – But come on !, they were just two small ones. Then, with the one of level 8,8 we had in February, you die !

Bill – ¡¡No!! I think no (Bill stop and sit down). ¿Do you think it could happen again while we are here ?

Tú – I think that… ehmmm…

Bill – Oh, no please (Bill makes a gesture of dismay)

Tú – hahaha, I promise you it won’t happen again… for the moment

Tom - Luckly, because we don’t know what we will do (laughter). And if someone have to get out to evacuate just woke up, it will be a great photo (laughter).

Tú – Ok, let’s talk about other things with not “that much moving”, let’s talk about “Best of”. The album is ready. ¿What do you expect of it, and what you feel having a “Greatest Hits” ?

Bill - In one side it’s something strange to have a “Best Of” that early, but in the other hand we are so proud of having that much hits that let us do that. I can tell you that it includes two new songs, one of them was recorded in 2002, Mädchen aus dem All (“Girl from outer space”).

Tom – Yes, even Bill’s voice is different, the song was recorded before he changed the voice (laughter)

Bill – Yes, and also includes another song, “Hurricanes and suns” recorded on 2009.

Tú – Let’s talk about the change of the country of Bill and Tom. Was it because of a job strategy, to write and record ? It is said that in a big part os because of stalker fans. Is really like this ?

Tom – The truth is that we feel so nice in Los Angeles, talking about our private life. (laughter) We recorded and composed almost all the songs of our last album in L.A.

Tú – And what happen with Georg and Gustav ? Why you stay in Germany ?

Gustav - Because of the family and friends, they are all in Germany. (the four guys start to laught). Don’t look at us like this ! Ok, I tell you, what happen is that Bill and Tom don’t have friends and anyone love them (laughter).

Tom – That’s true (laughter), we don’t have friends.

Tú – If there is something that really shocked me, is the PETA’s campaign where Bill and Tom take part. How it was and what is your relation with the animals ?

Tom - So beautiful photos (all them laught again)

Bill - We love so much the animals. We have four cute dogs, and we adopt the four in animals shelters.

Tom – Yes, and it’s like two years ago that we are vegetarians.

Bill - PETA called us to support the campaign, to take out the animals of the circus, and immediatly we said yes, as we identify strongly.

Tú – With that good heart, have you work in other campaigns in Germany ?

Bill - For the moment it is the only project, but we are so interested on keep working for the animals, and if it is possible have our own project.

Tú – I asked it because Tokio Hotel is donating a music room at college. What do you think about the possibility that gives Icoria Group to deliver culture to kids who do not have the same opportunities you had ?

Bill - Is something we give so happy, because we were so lucky to have a mother and a father that were into music. We always had the opportunity to make music, because we have access to it, so if we have the opportunity to help other guys that don’t have the same as us, is so great for us.

Tú – Some words of goodbye ?

Bill - Tons of them, thank you to the fans for all the support that we felt these days. Really, we will never forget Chile, and not only because of tremblings. (laughter)
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