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PostSubject: TOKIO HOTEL ON TOUR IN LATIN AMERICA ! – ARTICLE   Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:47 am

The german band Tokio Hotel started on 24th November their tour in Latin America, ann expected concert in Brasil. But also they visited Peru, Chile and Mexico. ¡ Yes ! We have them that much close ! In this article we explain you tons of things that happened with the band that is being a hit in everything !

There were rumours that said that there wasn’t so much assistance at Brasil concert : only 5.000 fans. The fact is that the number of persons that can be in that venue is of that number. So even a pin couldn’t enter there !
The band was surprised for the answer of the brasilian fans, that sang in almost perfect german the songs that the band played. Bill, surprised said : That’s incredible. Is really incredible, we haven’t expected that. Thank you !
Tons of girls cried during the whole concert (literally) ’cause of the emotion.
The concert finished with “Forever Now” and was about 1hour ad a half.

Screams, hysteria and fainting. These are the words that were repeat in the media from Peru to resume the concert of Tokio Hotel, at the Jockey Club in Lima.
More than 8.500 fans were there, in most, girls.
The aesthetic was so futuristic.
There were so much faintings. The girls, so exited, were fainting and the security staff have to catch like 100 of fans.
Special effects were highlighted at the show, fireworks and fireballs during the concert. Bill changes his outfit many times.
The Tokiomanía was installed near the Jorge Chavez airport, despite the long hours of waiting for the guys, they did not get to see close to the German stars ’cause the staff set a strong security plan that moved quickly the group after they landed around 11 pm.
Anyway, the official fan club of Peru (more than 10.000 registered) wanted to make them a gift. What was it ? Four chullos, a pair of charango, a Peruvian flute and a drawer.

9.000 people packed the Movistar Arena O’Higgins Park, where Tokio Hotel gave their concert in Chile.
Most of the audience was adolescents over 15 years.
Before the show, the German quartet, made time for social activities, donating a library and music room to a complex of Chilean education.

Although the idea was to start in Monterrey (northern Mexico), Tokio Hotel canceled the concert due to insecurity in the city, generated by the struggle between two drug cartels that has killed hundreds this year.
“Due to security concerns, will not be possible to proceed with our show in Monterrey. We are deeply saddened by this and wish for all this security situation is improved as soon as possible, “said the German band on their website.
The group led by Bill Kaulitz is not the first to take this decision on Monterrey: a few months ago, the American trio Jonas Brothers took the same path.
It was a shame because the kids would be presented in one place (Arena Monterrey) with capacity for 17,600 people. And according to Mexican press reports, the tickets were sold for the most part !
The concert was finally in Mexico City at the Palacio de los Deportes. The euphoria of the fans made the band stop playing for about 20 minutes because people were crushing each other, and there were more than two dozen girls swooning.
That was when the quartet played the theme “World behind my wall. ” Security personnel had to throw water to the boys who were near the floorboard.
“Mexico city !, hello, yesterday we went to the pyramids and it was amazing, our guide told us he felt that this would be the best show in our history, ” Bill Kaulitz, which caused mass hysteria.
One day before the concert, hundreds of fans camped outside Tokio Hotel Palacio de los Deportes, in order to have a good place in the “show. ”
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