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January 2019
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 Bill Kaulitz "I do not celebrate Valentine's Day because I have no girlfriend"

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PostSubject: Bill Kaulitz "I do not celebrate Valentine's Day because I have no girlfriend"   Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:25 pm

This week we present the great German rock band Tokio Hotel. Yesterday, in fact, Nana Otsuka met and interviewed members of Tokio Hotel who visited Japan. To date, they have sold over 7 million albums! They are the most successful artists in Germany that were published in the last 20 years.
This week, Tokio Hotel opens in Japan!
Yesterday, in a building in Tokyo, I went to the singer's twin brother Bill, guitarist Tom.
I also met bassist Georg and drummer Gustav!
Info The costumes of singer Bill is special, as in everything! It was splendid!
I first asked the untold story of the band and hence the name Tokio Hotel.
Bill: It's a question that is asked often. The band was formed when we were young and first name of the group was Devilish. I wanted a cool name, and the search for the new group name, was released "Tokio Hotel". It sounded good, Tokyo
was a city far away and made us feel motivated, we liked it because we felt
it was a objectivity. The word Hotel came from the fact that we moved from one hotel to another. Then, "Tokio Hotel", I think it's a nice name.
"Tokyo is a goal," said bill. TOKIO
And the symbol of their desire to make a living on tour -> HOTEL.
The name of the group is full of dreams.
Later, I talked them about the Japanese debut CD, "Dark Side of the Sun." I heard it's a concept album.
Bill: First, I really wanted to do a special edition for the Japanese fans. I think you understand that you're listening to the album of Tokio Hotel. We have included two new songs from previous albums. From this point of view, I think this is the best album that ever came out of Tokio Hotel. As for the selection of songs, each member of the group chose their favorite. For example, we decided that Monsoon had to be, because a song is very special to us, is our first single.
Within a couple of days is February 14, Valentine's Day. In Japan, a girl gives a guy chocolate! This is the reaction when I told him!
Bill: Really?! We have to introduce this habit in Germany! I envy the Japanese children. There is also Valentine's Day in Germany. But it's the guys who give gifts to girls. You can also give gifts to people important to you, like family. I do nothing, because I have no girl, but George has done, why not offer something like a car or a diamond?
I would be a child in Japan. In Germany and Japan, some customs are different! I did not know George had a girlfriend! . . The members of Tokio Hotel have decided to leave one last message to the audience.
Bill: Thanks for your continued support, guys. I am very happy to be in Tokyo.Hope to see you soon!

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Bill Kaulitz "I do not celebrate Valentine's Day because I have no girlfriend"
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