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November 2019
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 Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music

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Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music Empty
PostSubject: Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music   Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music EmptyThu Feb 17, 2011 6:37 pm

Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music 21c87kn

You've probably heard of a very famous band called Tokio Hotel?
If not, I am going to talk a bit about the history of their success. Star of the group name is already on the Walk of Fame in New York,
obtained a large amount of cash and prizes, respectively, traveled and
still travel to major cities in Europe and Asia.Their success is unlimited and very loud. Planck was high, and now these guys are reaping the benefits of a prolonged labor.

Want to get something special in your life?

Then read how they managed to make Tokio Hotel.
How to start with this famous group? In 2003, the twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz have decided to create a group and become famous worldwide. Then the guys from the German city of Magdeburg became acquainted with Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing. The youngest participant was then 14 years old. In just over two years, they were able to pass. In 2005 they signed a contract with David Jost, "father" of the group and record company. In the same year they released their album "Through the Monsoon", which has very lyrical music and lyrics of life and quality.The basis of the texts have been experiencing a solo project. Tom calmly played rhythm guitar, Gustav did not leave the battery, and George loved his bass. And now the kids love music and put it in your own soul. And then came the band's first hit, and the kids had to travel around Europe, where the publication is welcomed.Especially in Germany. In 2007 the album "Room 483", and Bill's voice broke when he hit puberty, therefore, the voice on this album topped the charts. The children have also grown in terms of music, their skills have become more professional. The second wave of a stunning and bewildering success of the group took over. Producers were happy making money, kids were too enthusiastic. And the fans were infinitely happy. Bill since forever keeps changing his image, better hair and clothes, wearing lots of accessories. The other guys don't have such fanatical attitude to personal appearance. In 2008, the boys were attacking the United States and English-speaking countries, as they do, they get more fans. This album is a different one and sounds more electronic, with live sound, refined voice. The boys, as popular as they were in 2007, has become more vivid and overwhelming. In 2010, the song "Hurricanes and Suns", exploited everything and everyone. Also, each video clip of the boys is becoming deeper and more meaningful. If you want to become a star, do not hesitate to take action: Tokio Hotel, too, once dared and succeeded ...

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Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music Av15410
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Tokio Hotel: a phenomenon in the history of music
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