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November 2019
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 Ellegirl interview

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Ellegirl interview Empty
PostSubject: Ellegirl interview   Ellegirl interview EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 9:49 pm

sadly, i dont have any dates, and its not the full. :/

---What kind of impression do you have on J.apanese girls?
Bill: They are very lovely. Although sometimes they are a little bit shy, I think they are sweet and cute. It is normal to be shy and flustered when your favorite band is standing in front of you, after all they are your favorite. So this is natural. I really like it.

---How about German girls and American girls?
Bill: They are not shy at all. What should I say? In Germany, people are more crazy. (He raised his voice) Because different countries have different culture, I cannot judge. It differs from person to person. After we just arrived in J.apan, I realized that J.apanese are a bit shy. But all the TH’s fans are basically in a big family. They share everything on Twitter. So I think Japanese fans are going to join in the big family.

---Bill, so you are a shy boy, right?
Tom, Georg, Gustav: Bill is shy! (laugh)

Bill: No, I’m not like that. (flush) In my option, I believe there must be some moments in people’s life when people feel shy. I guess I may not be shy because I was used to communicating with people after years of practicing. But it all depends. According to different situation, people may feel shy as well. I think that when I'm free and meet pretty girls, I'll be confident and say, "Hi, I'm a rock star!"

Tom: I have a good advice. If Bill meets someone and feels shy, he should just kiss her. (All the people laugh) But for this he is a little shy! (laugh)

Bill: Okay, I am a little bit shy.

Tom: So you should do that.

Bill:I cannot do that. I know it’s better to kiss with true feelings.

Tom: See? Bill is a shy boy. (laugh)

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Ellegirl interview
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