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November 2019
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 "We are ready for change" - TOPP 3/2011 (NO)

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"We are ready for change" - TOPP 3/2011 (NO) Empty
PostSubject: "We are ready for change" - TOPP 3/2011 (NO)   "We are ready for change" - TOPP 3/2011 (NO) EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 9:59 pm


We are ready for change

TOPP 3/2011 - Norway

10 years ago they only played for 5 people and did everything themselves. Now, Tokio Hotel holds concerts for over half a million people and about 700 million yearly.

“Love means everything. It’s life,” says Bill Kaulitz. Despite the fact that the Tokio Hotel front man has an army of young fans, he claims that he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a long time. Love isn’t limited to just relationships and girls. Love is all around us. For me, it’s real love when I meet fans, to be touring with the guys, and to be standing on a stage in front of an eager audience, says Bill.

Yet, there are some celebrity girls that steal his attention. “If I wanted to date a celebrity, the Olsen twins are right up there,” says Bill. (Translators Note: Then they talk a bit about his perfect black makeup and extreme hair. I didn’t want to translate this, since you know what he looks like. ;D )


TOPP is meeting the band in their hotel room. They’ve held the meeting an secret because a flock of young girls are waiting outside their hotel, and when the superstars appear, they cry tears of joy. “They’ve helped me through a very difficult time,” says a teary-eyed girl. When we mention the fans that have gathered outside, the band is flattered. – We’re so glad for our fans, and we couldn’t put a price on them. (Translator’s Note: This expression doesn’t translate well. They are literally saying: “We put a big price on their engagement in us.”).

In December, the band released their “Best of” album, and they’re already underway with recording their new album which will be ready for November 2011 (Translator’s Note: don’t know how true this is…).

The band will be working with different producers in Berlin and Los Angeles and the process will take about half a year. When asked if they will be inspired by artists they look up to, they shake their heads.

“We listen to almost only our own music when we’re on tour and when we go into the studio,” says Bill. He is a huge fan of music from the 80s. – I am a fan of Depeche Mode and David Bowie, but I listen mostly to Tokio Hotel before playing in the studio.
Although they are inspired by themselves, they said that, this time they want to change their sound. – We’ve always liked to be surprising, and to not appear as a predictable band, says Bill. Bill says he is always changing, “My hair, for example. All four of us like to experiment with our own styles, just like our music in the coming year.”

“I must convince Georg and Gustav to change their style, but they don’t want to be ‘nerds’ and just do what’s comfortable for them. I’ve asked them if they want to colour their hair or wear colourful T-shirts, but no. It just doesn’t work for them. Tom is more accepting towards change than Georg or Gustav. I have six to eight months before I’m going to decide whether to cut my hair or not. We’ll see. I welcome all changes.”


Lead singer Bill has a style that separates him from the crowd, no doubt. The 21-year old also has strong opinions about current girl’s fashion trends. “Rubberboots are the ugliest things I have ever seen. You look like you’re dressing for work!” (Nicole: i think he's talking about uggs or something similar. :c )

But the Kaulitz brothers also have a guilty pleasure – classic chick flicks (girly romance movies). “It’s hard to believe, but I really like ‘The Notebook,’” admits Tom. Bill has a soft sort for “Meet Joe Black” where Brad Pitt plays the lead role.

That they’re now sitting here, being asked all sorts of different questions by the press all over the world, was inconceivable for the band when they formed in 2001. But it didn’t take a long time for them to become known, soon they were excused from school to focus 100% on their music.

“Of course, it was fantastic to skip school, but other things were more difficult to give up,” says Bill. “I remember my 16th birthday, I wanted to party, but we had to do interviews instead. It was a long process before we became disciplined to focus. I know some things have passed me by, but I would never give up what I have today.”

“There are some days were I wish I could just go out in the streets or drive around in my car without being noticed, but what would I even do? Bill Kaulitz with an office job? I would collapse! Yeah, I’ll just do what I like to do best, stand on the stage and entertain. I get nervous when I see an award show on TV that Tokio Hotel doesn’t have. I want to be on top. That is my inner strength. That’s what holds me together.”

TRANSLATION CREDIT: Julia @ THCanada.com (credit if you use).
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"We are ready for change" - TOPP 3/2011 (NO)
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