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November 2019
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 No Hook Up 2.11-USA Translation

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PostSubject: No Hook Up 2.11-USA Translation   No Hook Up 2.11-USA Translation EmptyFri Feb 25, 2011 8:49 pm

continuing story of twins, when offering style and interview the German
band Tokio Hotel mega [The twins Bill & Tom Kaulitz and Georg
Listing Gustav Shafer]
Tell us something we do not know about you.
Bill Kaulitz [BK]: Tom is more serious. I am a dreamer. But we need the other. We can not be alone. We are together all the time.

Tom Kaulitz [TK]: We are like one person, I do almost all the work.
He just crosses his arms and watch.
What is the most annoying about being famous?
BK: The paparazzi.

We hate the paparazzi. You must be really bad to make that kind of work.
Bill, your modeled recently. Were you nervous?
BK: Yeah, I was really nervous because it was the first time I walked down a catwalk.
There was a trial. Dan & Dean [Caten] asked me if I wanted to march.Might do it again someday.
Would you enter the fashion industry?
BK: It's a dream for me to do things like that. I'm a musician, I had the great opportunity to work with great photographers and designers.I really enjoyed being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue [German].I did a great job with Vanity Fair. I enjoy most about these things. The others are not in the fashion industry, except Tom, a little. But for me it would be a dream to design my own stuff. I did that for our last tour, drawing designs.

TK: He's a great artist.

BK: No, I'm not.
Bill, how long it takes you to enlist?
BK: With the hair and everything.
I am somewhat accustomed to it. As I do every day. It takes me 15 minutes.
What is the best Spray?
BK: I think you just need a lot of hair.

TK: I think a cheap one.

BK: It is important to have damaged hair, so you can get that high.
Then do not comb your hair too often and widely used spray.
TK: And doesn't wash.
Do you think Bill's opaque to you?
TK: Oh yes.
We stand in the shadow of Bill. Always has been. Bill may be on the cover and we ...
And Georg Listing Gustav Shafer
Unemployed ago.

BK: I think it's because we know well. Its good for them. They can walk around and go to McDonalds, not me.
Bill & Tom, you have never dressed like?
TK: We Like we saw up to six years.

BK: We wore sweaters with our name `Bill` and `Tom 'on the back.

TK: It was horrible.

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I'll follow you until you love me

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No Hook Up 2.11-USA Translation
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