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January 2019
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 Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel: no skins, yes to animal welfare-Mnoticias.com Mexico

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PostSubject: Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel: no skins, yes to animal welfare-Mnoticias.com Mexico   Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:07 pm

Bill and Tom from
Tokio Hotel are back to the struggle for animal rights after participating
in November in a PETA campaign against animal abuse in circuses.
Kaulitz brothers now
want to remind what their position is in an interview with Cosmo
Shine: "I love vintage clothes and I like to change style depending on
how I'm in the mood. But if there is something I will never (and Tom's clothes) are skin, "says Bill. And his brother says, "We didn't doubt for a moment when PETA
suggested for us to participate, we are sensitive to the fight against animal abuse."
Well, do not lie: the hat that Bill had when he came to Tokyo was only faux fur! The German group's members have
always fought to protect animals, have never hidden the fact that they
are vegetarians (two years) and never missed the opportunity to confess the joy
that animals bring to their lives: "We love animals, we have four dogs
and all come from the pound. "

Don' you think Bill and Tom are an example to follow? Previously they
conducted a campaign for PETA Germany, where the twins appear chained to
a pole and tainted blood in an ad showing as slaves to the
entertainment industry.
Bill said: "People should know how to keep animals safe for a lifetime. Circuses with animal acts should be banned, there are many other exciting options. " Bravo for the twins and hopefully more artists will join in this noble campaign. NO TO ANIMAL ABUSE!

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Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel: no skins, yes to animal welfare-Mnoticias.com Mexico
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