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January 2019
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 Tokio Hotel: A tribute to the legends of rock? - Newnotizie.it

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PostSubject: Tokio Hotel: A tribute to the legends of rock? - Newnotizie.it   Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:16 pm

TOKIO HOTEL - It was 1989 when "Personal Jesus" by
Depeche Mode is imposed on the world and the charts with its catchy
rhythm and provocative text.

Twenty years later, it almost seems to be affected by the aftermath of that
event for listening to "connect Human to Human" Tokio Hotel, the
Germans who knew well how to conquer markets and more demanding public,
but did not disclose to anyone the secret of this success.

Have they decided to pay homage to some of their legendary predecessors, while they were searching for a new sound for the album "Humanoid"?

It is probably just a coincidence, and yet another demonstration of how
the interplay between words, melody and feelings did not remember, then
look for a human contact or you want to be a "Jesus" to someone.
The tracklist of the time goes on.

We are in Milan, in 2010, when
during the live performance of "Hey You", the fans clapped their hands
simultaneously to the rhythm that has made someone smile quell'intro
parents in the stands, recalling Freddie Mercury who sent in the
delirium crowd at Wembley Stadium was 1986.

The choir then rose with a "We Will
Rock You," repeated more than twenty years after the Forum Medionalum
some fans carried in a particular charm and music that wants to rebel
against all barriers of space and time.
They won the Queen yesterday, winning a stage in the history of rock, and winners are Tokio Hotel who will get it back to life.

I am your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me

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Tokio Hotel: A tribute to the legends of rock? - Newnotizie.it
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