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January 2019
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 Thirty Fans in the Zenit Shouting their Love for the Band-Lavoixdunord.fr

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PostSubject: Thirty Fans in the Zenit Shouting their Love for the Band-Lavoixdunord.fr   Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:52 pm

the enthusiasm of the fans has fallen in recent years; there were thirty
yesterday, ahead of Zenit who shouted their love singing to the group the
message: "Tokio Hotel are always there!
Keep singing!
We also want to show them that we are there, we support them! "Hence the
idea of this national day (hey yeah, one day even dedicated), gathering
tens of thousands ... hundreds of fans at last, near where" TH "gave
their last concert.

"At first, a hundred people were registered on Facebook. If it was less numerous, it is certainly because of the cold, "says Christina, age 13, a fan for three years. Ells "made contact with the press to show that we exist."

Fans are less in number but are also in a very good mood. When asked what they like in this group: The music, style and especially the lyrics. Talk about their problems. "And Do not think about all these ladies who sing a German estimate. On the contrary. During our interview, "Jawohl" and "Ich liebe sie" were common.

A love for the German pop stars who are not afraid of kilometers and have no borders. Yesterday, all major cities in
the region were represented, despite the near-polar cold. "We warmed up singing their song! "How much the fans would do for their idols? "Yes, I'd cut off my leg or hand," shouts Cindy, 22. "I'd be happy to be their friend for a day! There's a difference between groupies, and us fans. It is not the same."

"A passion that is close to falling."
On 16 April, during the great global alliance, all promised to be at the meeting.

I am your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me

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Thirty Fans in the Zenit Shouting their Love for the Band-Lavoixdunord.fr
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