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November 2019
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 Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com

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Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com Empty
PostSubject: Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com   Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com EmptyMon Mar 14, 2011 9:07 pm

Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com 29qebva
With the start of our first competition of the
tournament scheduled for Monday, show their favorite bands sound bigger
hoping not to lose their support.
Last year, when we launched the first tournament Musical, March Madness, we did it mostly by whim. As I wrote when I developed my
original (handwritten) basic idea was to combine my love of college
basketball, playing and rock music (and playlists redundant) in a
magical event, but it does not matter, I had not imagined bands would
advance in the tournament or even that they would get in return.

Of course, considering the success of the original MMM, attention, just do a quick change in this 2011.
Last year
basically only included 64 bands (65 in fact, who can forget the epic
against me? Creed game - in battle?) This year, actually researched,
album sales and basically made a selection committee a alone. and yes, this took way longer than I ever imagined.
Then, with the tournament game in March 2011 Musical,
on Monday, when we disclose our shelf with 64 bands and the "votes" in
first-round matchups, I decided to remove the curtain on that selection
process. Some teams have closed their work while others are still missing to finish the tournament in 2011.In the spirit of all things "Bracketológicas" Here is (until the last minute) the place where their favorite bands this year:
The No. 1 Seeds: The greatest band on earth. Last year I announced as 1 to Nickelback, Coldplay, Blink and Kings of Leon. Somewhat
surprisingly for 3 trismestres were losing in the opening of the
tournament (only Blink 182 survived the opening, I think this is the
round of 32 before losing 30 Seconds To Mars) obviously underestimated
the popularity of some in those acts, which means that for 2011 to be 1 º
must have been proven to be a solid as a rock, but also a real threat
to win the tournament.Oh, and this would not hurt if they have an album in stores or appearing soon. So here is my list of potential competitors last 1 º

Foo Fighters
30 Seconds To Mars

Linkin Park

My Chemical Romance

Arcade Fire

Vampire Weekend


The Black Keys

Blink 182



Mumford & Sons

The Foo Fighters have an album eagerly anticipated, which makes low as Coldplay.
"Expectations are enough to make it 1 º? Or recognize the committee a breakdown of the Black Keys, Muse and Mumford? Does the album # 1 and win the Grammy for Arcade Fire will help? "Linkin Park and MCR something dragged by their past albums, but that matters? with the legacy of support for his fans ... ("MCR will be tested in the tournament?)
As you can see, there are still many questions to be answered ..
Bubbles Bands: [...] This is a real feast, Here is my list. Cobra Starship
Ke $ ha

Tokio Hotel




Bret Michaels

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Taylor Swift
Tokio Hotel has done nothing this year but is their popularity and success
is so great to make them worthy of a spot this year? All this places these artists under the surface of the bubble soap.

(1) Coldplay vs. (16) Tokio Hotel
(2) Animal Collective vs.
Faith No More
(3) Owl City vs.
The Gaslight Anthem
(4) Vampire Weekend vs.
(13) Pavement
(5) Phoenix vs.
(12) The National
(6) Grizzly Bear vs.
(11) U2
(7) MGMT vs.
(10) Arcade Fire
(Cool Radiohead vs.
(9) Spoon
MTV will begin March Musical Monday, March 14th when we'll reveal the full field of 64 bands vying for the championship. Winners are determined by their votes and if the act is good enough to lead to glory. You can gather your troops to support your artist, but get ready, this will be a WAR!

I am your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me

Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com Av15410
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Musical March Madness 2011 - MTV.com
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