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May 2017
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 Audi, Tokio Hotel Countdown A-1 - Translation

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PostSubject: Audi, Tokio Hotel Countdown A-1 - Translation   Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:58 pm

CountDown A1.
Bill and Tom in their grief fraternal. Tom will have the perfect strategy or Bill can buy it in the last minute. Tom: Hey!, Brother of my heart, you can still give up, and reserve it for me.
Bill: Haha! I am ready when you're. afraid?.
Tom: Ok!, start.
Bill: Victory is mine.
Tom: Continue dreaming!.
Bill: Come on, let the facts be told!.
Tom: You will see the dust of my escape, my brother.
Bill: nah, I hope my taillights ceguen (no idea what's that) you.
Tom & Bill: Loca bet, nice car!.
Tom: Attention, the air is going to be in flames!.
Girl: Who will win my heart?
Tom: From the catwalk, darling!
Bill: The first dance is for the winner!
Girl: stay calm, Tom
Bill: YES!, I have to be better at start up. With a goal in the beginning, victory would be ideal!
Tom: I leave it there first, then speed up when mercilessly until steam!
Girl: Start engines, kids!
Bill: Emotion ...
Tom: I hope to ...
Girl: Three, two, one ... GO!

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Audi, Tokio Hotel Countdown A-1 - Translation
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